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June 2009 Session

Attention: The results for the rexaminations taken in May 2009 can be found HERE.

Note: To better identify your class, I added between brackets the year when you entered university.
See first an Overview of re-examination results as of May 2009

An Overview of all the Re-examinations held in May-June 2009, with reminders of exams failed earlier
  • Re-exams grouped by Student name. {Updated 4 July)

  • First year subjects

    Intro Teo Text 1.1
    Re-exam #9 for LRE-3+ (2005).
    Academic Essay 1.1
    Re-exam #2 for LRE-1 (2008).
    Re-exam # 3 for LRE-3 (2006)
    Academic Essay 1.2 (Argumentative)
    Exam for LRE-1 (2008).
    Re-exam#4 for LRE-2 (2007)
    Brit.Lit. Augustan 1.2
    First exam for LRE-1 (2008).

    Second year subjects

    Brit.Lit. Victorian 2.1
    Re-exam #7 for LRE-3+ (2005) corrected 1 July 2009
    Brit.Lit. Modernism 2.2
    Exam #1 for LRE-2 (2007)
    Re-ex #8 for LRE-3+ (2005) added 1 July 2009
    Re-ex #7 for LRE4+ (2004) added 1 July 2009
    LEC _ Verb 2.2
    Seminar grades for LRE-2
    Seminar grades for LMA-2
    Technical English 2.2
    Grades for LMA-2 and
    a list of important Observations and Notes, as well as a Top of Best and Worst Papers.

    Third year subjects

    Postmodernism 3.2
    All grades LRE-3, first exam (pdf format)
    Embarassing errors to be corrected on the forum. Since these are public errors, you will have to correct them before I insert your grades into the catalogues.

    Re-exam #5 for LRE-3+ (2005).

    Postcolonial Studies 3.1
    Re-exam #5 for LRE-3+ (2005)
    American Modernism 3.1
    Re-exam #6 for LRE-3+ (2005)
    Istoria socio-culturala a lit. engleze 3.1
    Re-exam #3 for LMA-3 (2006)

    A Note about grading the forum activity.

    Grading forum activity followed the same principles as grading seminar activity. The only difference is that you did not ge an automatic point for presence.

    Unlike some of you might think, one post is NOT equal to one point. (I sense that many of you have tried to artificially multiply your posts, bu splitting them into many parts. Sorry, it did not work!)

    Points were attributed as follows: