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January-February 2008 Session

Grades added on 29 February 2008.

Note: To better identify your class, I added between brackets the year when you entered university.

First year subjects

Academic Essay 1.1 :
LRE-1 students (2007) - grades in detail: names B to H and names M to V.
Some comments about your essays.
Intro to Narratology 1.2 :
LRE-1 students (2007) - - names A to M: grades in detail.
- names N to V: grades in detail
And some comments on the best and the worst.
Intro to Teo.Txt. 1.1
LRE-2 students (2006)
Introduction to the Theory of Text 1.1 :
LRE-3 students (2004) - grades in detail.

Second year subjects

British Literature: 2.1 Romanticism and Victorianism :

LRE-2 students (2006) - names A to M: grades in detail, and seminar activity
- names M to U: grades in detail, and seminar activity. All corrected 28.02.08

LRE-3 students (2005, Bughesiu) - results after seminar recovery.

LRE-4 students (2004, Grozavu) - results after essay submitted in guise of seminar retake. 4th exam.

Third year subjects

American Modernism 3.1 (plus some British...):

LRE-3 students (entered 2005) both groups: Note: 24.10.08 19:25 - made a few corrections, which appear in purple red on the grade sheets.
Postcolonial Studies 3.1 :

LRE-3 students (2005).

The grades for Group A, and those for Group B.
And the teacher's comments on a resurgent phenomenon: plagiarism.

British Literature 3.1 - 1st Modernism (Joyce & Woolf):

LRE-4 students (2004) and older. Re-examination grades.
American Literature 3.1 Nineteenth Century:

LRE-4 students (2004) and older. Re-examination grades.
British Literature 3.2 British Modernism:

Older LRE-4 students (2002) Grades that cannot be activated yet (wrong exam session).

Fourth year subjects

Narratology - 4.1 - (plus postmodern theory)
LRE-4 students - (2004) - Group A, grades in detail.
Group B, grades in detail.

Master Students

Canadian Film 1.2.

CansStu-2 students (2006) - all grades in detail.