NEW (17 Sept 05): Here is a provisional SITUATION OF ANNOTATIONS as of 17 September 2005. Please check if your note format was correct and if it setisfies the requirements. You may note that some of you have to rework your annotations (mostly a matter of wrong format).

Before you save the text, save the following Annotator's guide, print it out and read it carefully. Be especially careful with the way you introduce automated ENDNOTES, use the proper procedure indicated in this guide. (Last year there were students who, instead introducing proper automated endnotes, worked with annotations or manual endnotes, which could not be converted properly into automated endnotes. Those students had to do the whole work all over again! Spare yourselves of this troubel by reading carefully the Guide!).

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Anul 2, sem 1

Elizabeth Gaskell - North and South

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Be patient as this file is pretty large (909 kB). If you transfer on a floppy disk (diskette), be advised to have enough space on that floppy (floppy disks hold about 1400 kB).

Note: This book is already formatted in two-column text emulating an open book with facing pages. Please do not alter the formatting!

The text has been divided into 3 sections, each for a specific student. Please go to your specific section only after you have read the whole text! We are going to have an oral exam after 12 September (date to be announced), and you will be asked questions from the whole text!

PART 2 - Mirablea Vancea - annotate the text...

...from page 108, CHAPTER XV: MASTERS AND MEN page 215, ending with "she went away, in order to take from herself any chance of changing her determination." (before BOOK II, CHAPTER III: COMFORT IN SORROW

PART 3 - Adela Moldovan - annotate the text...

...from page 216, BOOK II, CHAPTER III: COMFORT IN SORROW the END of the book (page 334, I think)

Charles Dickens - Hard Times

PART 1 Buciuman Maria - annotate the text...

...from the beginning (page 3) page 109 - Chapter VI (Book 2) - Fading Away

Bram Stoker - Dracula

PART 2 Noemi Balajti/Coste - annotate the text...

...from page 285 page 360 - end
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