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as of 23 Sept. 2005

Check below the stiuation of your annotation work and, if necessary, rework along the guidelines!

BL 2.1 Elizabeth Gaskell - North and South Part 1 1-217 (Ch.3 Comfort in sorrow) Buciuman Maria DONE (CD) 363 notes in good format with enough details. Very good notes on historical characters and events. Good philological remarks. Nice indications of sources for literary quotations. Romanian translation for phrases - a good idea!
Part 2 108-215 Mirabela Vancea DONE (floppy) Very good work. Numerous notes (some useless, like the ones on Europe or England or the Bible). Good choice of definitions and grammatical tags.
Part 3 216-end Adela Moldovan   You've copied whole definitions (with all the senses!) from an electronic dictionary (McMillan). The visual aspect of the text is just awful
Charles Dickens - Hard Times Part 1 3-109 (Fading Away) Buciuman Maria DONE (CD)
Part 2   Hojda Dragos    
Thomas Hardy - The Woodlanders Part 1 0-99 (Ch.13) Radu Bichiri DONE (CD) Sufficient notes (372) in good format. A few Romanian equivalents would have been fine though...
Part 2 84 (Ch.13)-168 (Ch.25) Vicsay Orsolya DONE floppy 158 notes - a bit too few given the complexity of the text. Only simple words explained, no phrases. Romanian equivalents would have been needed here and there. You might rework this a bit (until Thursday) to increase your grade.
Part 3 160-246 Cin Claudia    
Part 4 246-339 somebody    
BL 1.2 Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility   Part 1 0 to chapter 31 (page 151) Dana Visan DONE (CD) Needs reformatting! You did not use real notes but pseudo-notes, with no numbering and no text-link. The text of every note will have to be manually reconnected to the word it refers to! Besides, your text lacks pagination. You might wish to copy the notes into a well-formatted version of the book, that you can download from HERE. And maybe you add a few more notes: they seem too few...
Part 2 Chapter 31-50, de la pag. 151 la 289 (sfarsit) Dragos Hojda    
Jane Austen - Northanger Abbey   Part 1 1-95 (Ch.15) Radu Bichiri DONE (CD) Well-chosen definitions for the words in the notes (259). Historical names (such as Caractacus, Agricola the Great, Alfred the Great) or geographical names (Beechen Cliff, Bath) would have deserved some explanatory notes...
Part 2 95-184 (end) Span Lavinia    
BL 2.2   Bram Stoker - Dracula   Part 1 0-258 Buciuman Maria DONE (CD) Numerous (609) notes, in correct format. Good choice of definitions. Grammatical tags. Gives also Romanian correspondents, whenever needed.
Part 2 258 -360 (end) Noemi Balajti    
H.G. Wells - Invisible Man whole 150 pages Radu Bichiri DONE (CD) A lot of notes - 600. Well-chosen definitions, occasional Romanian explanations (vrabie, salcam). A good job, Radu!
Oscar Wilde - The Portrait of Dorian Gray   Part 1 0-91 Dragos Hojda    
Part 2 91-190 Paula Muscalu