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January 2018 Session

Last update: February 6, 2018

Note: To better identify your class, I added between brackets the year when you entered university.

First year subjects


Second year subjects

Brit.Lit. Romantic & Victorian 2.1

Third year subjects

Postcolonial Studies 3.1
American Modernism 3.1


Canadian Studies 1

Canadian Film - 2.1 - 1.1

KidLit 1

Metafictional Fairy Tales- 1.1
The European Fairy Tale- 1.1

KidLit 2

Minority & Diference in YA Literature 2.1

A Note about grading the forum activity.

Grading your activity on our internet forum followed the same principles as grading seminar activity. One difference is that you do not get an automatic point for presence. Antoher is that the maximum number of points for one seminar theme tends to be capped at 5 (instead of 8 for the flesh-and-blood seminar).

Unlike some of you might think, one post is NOT equal to one point. (I sense that many of you have tried to artificially multiply your posts, but splitting them into many parts. Sorry, it did not work!)

Points were attributed as follows: