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June 2013 Session

Last update: 26.6.13

An overview of the repeat exams of June 2013. This is being updated as I calculate new grades. Please make sure you see tha latest variant of this page by refreshing it by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

Nota: In aceste tabele sintetice este posibil sa se fi strecurat si erori. In toate cazurile, nota de pe fisa examenului BATE nota de aici (adica in caz de confuzie, se va lua in considerare nota de pe fisa examenului).

This also includes repeat exams held in May.

Note: To better identify your class, I added between brackets the year when you entered university.

First year subjects

Narratology 1.1
LRE-3 students (2010) - re-exam # 3
Academic Essay 1.2 (Argumentative)
Restauration & Augustan Literature 1.2

Second year subjects

Victorian & Romantic Lit 2.1
LRE-3 (2010) students - re-exam # 3
Brit.Lit. Modernism 2.2

Third year subjects

Postcolonial Studies 3.1
LRE 2012 alumni (2009) - re-exam # 5
American Modernism 3.1
Postmodern Literature 3.2
LRE-3 students (2010) - exam # 1 and observations on your performance.


KidLit - first year

Meta Fairy Tales 1.2
Animal Tales 1.2
Fantasy 1.2

Canadian Studies 2

To the attention of our earlier Canadian Studies students: As we have no students graduating this year, there will be no dissertation session this summer. The next session will be held either in September or in Frbruary pending a miinimum number of 5 students registered for it.