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January 2010 Session

Note: To better identify your class, I added between brackets the year when you entered university.

NOTE: The re-examinations of the February session will be held on Friday 19, at 9 a.m. By this time you probably know that passing these exams is not just a matter of chance. So, please, do come only if you know you have learned and made some real progress.

Plagiarists are invited to get a longer reflection break. In the USA plagiarists are forced to repeat that course; this is the happy ending. Serious univeristies simply expell (exmatriculeaza) plagiarists and make sure their "crime" is mentioned in their record. We will discuss the papers in class during several weeks and you'll have plenty of time to see what went wrong.

Outline of all re-examinations - Restante (sinoptic)

First year subjects

Intro to Narratology 1.1
LRE-1 (2009), Group A and Group B - first exam
LRE-3+ (2006) re-examination #4
Academic Essay 1.1
LRE-1 (2009) group A FINAL results , and a page documenting the cases of Plagiarism in this group

LRE-3 students re-exam #5.

Second year subjects

Brit.Lit. Victorian 2.1
LRE-2 (2008) first exam
LRE-3 (2007) current students - exam # 3. LRE-3 (2006) and older (2005) alumni - fourth and fith exam.

Third year subjects

Postcolonial Studies 3.1
LRE-3 (2007) first exam.
American Modernism 3.1
LRE-3 (2007) exam # 1
LRE-3+ & 4+ (alumni) exam #8

A Note about grading the forum activity.

Grading forum activity followed the same principles as grading seminar activity. The only difference is that you did not ge an automatic point for presence.

Unlike some of you might think, one post is NOT equal to one point. (I sense that many of you have tried to artificially multiply your posts, bu splitting them into many parts. Sorry, it did not work!)

Points were attributed as follows: