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May 2008 Session

Grades added on 2 Juin 2008.

Note: To better identify your class, I added between brackets the year when you entered university.

A synthesis of ALL GRADES granted in this session. Does not include details of grade structure. Does not include the names of the colleagues that did not show up in this session, but who still have failed exams.
If you want to see all these details please consult the following:

First year subjects

Academic Essay 1.2 :
LRE-4 students (2004) - re-examination grades
Academic essay 2.2 :
Third examination for LRE-4 students (2004) reexamination.

Second year subjects

Third year subjects

British Literature 3.1 Modernism (Joyce, Woolf):

Sixth reexam for LRE-4 (2004) students .
British Literature 3.2 Later Modernism:

Second reexam for LRE-4 (2004) students .
American Literature 3.2 Modernism:

Third exam for LRE-3 (2005) students .