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June 2007 Session

First posted on July 3 2007.

First year subjects

Academic Essay 1.2 :
LRE-1 (2006) Students, group A.
Individual observations --both praise and citticism-- on your Academic Essay papers - Please read in order to avoid futher errors. 5 June: loading error corrected.
LRE-2 (2005) students, re-examination (includes a reminder of the students who did not submit a paper).
British Literature: 1.2Restauration and 18th Century lit :
LRE-1 (2006) Students, group A.
LRE-1 (2006) Students, group B.

Second year subjects

British Literature 2.2: Early Modernism:
LRE-2 (2005) Students - Group A
LRE-2 (2005) Students - Group B

Third year subjects

British Literature 3.2 Further Modernism:

LRE-03 (2004) students from A to I.
LRE-03 (2004) students from K to T.
American Literature - 3.2 - Jazz Age & Modernism
LRE-03 (2004) students, from A to G
LRE-03 (2004) students, from H to T

Master Students

Academic Essay 1.2

Grades in full detail. Please read the following Observations that go into the details behind your grade. Some internet-related facts can be found HERE (Ms Hosu's plagiarism, Ms Keresztes' mysteriously missing years...)