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May 2007 re-ex Session

All the grades

All the grades of May 2007 session

The same in brief form, without calculation details.

If you want to see the details of grade structure, please check out the following links:

First year subjects

Introduction to the Theory of Text 1.1 :
LRE-06 Students - Open session.
Academic Essay 1.1 :
LRE-03 Students - Diference exam

Second year subjects

British Literature 2.1: Romantic & Victorian:
BL 2.1 for LRE-03 Students. Added June 13.
British Literature 2.2: Victorian counter-canon:
BL 2.2 for LRE-03 Students.* For easy identification, this number indicates the year when you entered University.

Third year subjects

British Literature 3.1 Joyce & Woolf:

LRE-03 Students.
British Literature 3.2 Modernists:

LRE-03 Students.
American Literature - 3.1 - Nineteenth Century
LRE-03 Students
LRE-03 Students
American Literature - 3.1 - 20th Century

LRE-03 Students