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Links to some of my favourite resources

Answer - an original search engine that finds word definitions in several dictionaries, such as Wikipedia, American Heritage, WordNet, Houghton Thesaurus, Columbia UP.

Voice of the Shuttle -- namely "Vocea suveicii" (a line from Aristotle)-- is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in literature (and not just the British and American ones), art history, cultural studies, feminism, literary theory, philosophy, essay writing. It is a huge, well structured, list of links to the most reliable academic resources on the web.

Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) - if you missed last night's movie credits, here you can find them from film director to the last studio technician. Plus each film has its own forum, swarming with opinions!

Project Gutenberg -- thousands of books online, in HTML, TXT or PDF format. A true treasure trove for anyone who finds that physical books are (a) either too expensive or (2) too hard to procure.

Biblioteca Judeteana MM -- did you know that you can access the book database of our County Library online? And it's a very well organized one! It even mentions the books found in those small libraries in various BM neighbourhoods.

ABC - Olga's Paintings - a superb painting gallery featuring painters from Aivazovski to Watteau in large format and good superb rendition.

BabelFish -- an online translation machine. It's not a substitute for your Translation practical course ('cos it may make incredible confusions and blunders!), but it's a decent solution when you cannot find the meaning of a word in, say, Spanish or German.

Merriam Websters Dictionary -- if you're a language afficionado, this dictionary is for you! It gives you etymology, word evolution, contexts, and correspondences in many languages, including sign language!

DIXIT - If you have trouble with the spelling or meaning of a Romanian word, then you will love this meta-dictionary for the Romanian language compiled by many volunteers. For every work you query, you will get several definitons, taken from: DEX, Noul DEX, Dictionaul de sinonime, Dictionarul de neologisme etc. This dictionary, which is still in the making, may be consulted both online, or downloaded for offline use (remember to download all files: dixit-1.0.1-setup.exe, dixit-1.0.1.tgz, and - you may download them also by clicking on them here).

Wunderground -- the most complete Weather Forecast site.

Have Your Say -- these BBC pages are reserved for people willing to debate various hot topics. The discussions may get really animated!

How Stuff Works -- As you surfed to this page you're probably stressed because the imminence of some exam and filled up with countless coffee cups! Check this link to find "How caffeine works". Clear non-technical explanations of How Hair Coloring Works, How Fear Works, How Smartphones Work, How MP3 players work... you name it!

Tastatura romāneasca pentru Windows -- Do you have a keyboard which, once switched to Romanian, messes up Y with Z, lose the brackets and confounds everything? Well, the solution is here, on Mr Secarica's website! It's a simple fix that solves this annoying problem once for all!

If you like blogs, and not just "vanity blogs", here are some of the best political and social blogs": The Huffington Post, and DailyKos, and Politico, and TruthDig.

Yep... and if you are interested to learn more about my work --until I have my website back online-- you may check this page in Wikipedia about Adrian Otoiu (or this one in Romanian). The links to my recent interviews may also be accessed directly from here:

An Otoiu anniversary notebook made by my colleagues and the lovely County Library staff - it includes the most comprehensive listing of my publications so far.
Intelectualii romani au o oroare sacra fata de emotie - in Ziua